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24 July 2008 @ 12:49 pm
I took the boys to Petsmart this morning.  They'll be there today and half of tomorrow, but apparently Friday is a busy adoption day and I didn't want them to miss out, even though it means that I have to drive over there twice in as many days.  I brought  Astrid along so I could weigh her at Petsmart's strange in-store limited vet service.  I had no idea that existed.  Anyway, she weighs 1.9 lbs. >.<  Maybe next week she'll break 2 lbs and we can finally get her fixed and put her up for adoption.  It's ridiculous that she didn't reach 2 lbs until she was 3 months old.  Oh, well, she can get her rabies when she gets fixed, so that saves me a trip.

Of course now Astrid is totally lonely and rolling around in my lap.  I have the feeling I won't be left alone today.  Soooo cuuuute.

Eek, I just heard cat shenanigans out in the garage and went out there to see Kakarot, Rosie, and Vegeta all poofed up.  Zero hid immediately, but he was involved somehow, too.  I hosed down all guilty parties in hopes of distracting them from whatever stupid aggression was going on.  Things seem to be quit now.  That's a bit unusual for this crew - it's usually pretty peaceful around here and there's not much fighting going on.  Astrid followed me into the garage and briefly hung out with Vegeta, but now she's back in my lap.  Looonely.  She's really happy and meowing, now, but that might be stress.  Yeesh, she needs lots of reassurance at the moment.

As for renters, I'm trying to stay zen and am mostly succeeding.  I am of course having trouble de-catting as planned, which is always the case.  I think I will have to try to trap Zero when the other cats are eating and locked up.  We'll see how that goes.  I just have to hope the kittens get adopted.  I don't really mind Tammy coming back on the weekend, but I was hoping to leave the kittens somewhere and not have to take them back on the weekends, too.  The reason they want them to come home is that kitty city is like an elementary school - if one ringworm or sick kitten comes in, they ALL get it.  We can't show at Petsmart on the weekends since another group has that spot and we have to move them.  They usually stay in condos outside Kitty City, but there's some sick kittens out there already.  Sigh.  Pray for adoption, all ye religious types...

I've accepted as of a few days ago that I will probably not have a renter by the 1st.  I'm somewhat ok with this.  I renewed my ad in the Lobo, and this week it actually goes into print and is sent to all of the students.  Plus for an extra $5 they put my ad in the special housing insert.  Money well spent, I think.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get somebody from that listing.  Hopefully.  Of course, that doesn't help me come Aug 1, as the students won't come in until mid August, but if it means I get a nice quiet grad student for a year or so who wants to do nothing but study, it would be worth it.  Thanks to George W. Bush economically stimulating me and several housesitting jobs this month I actually have enough to make the rent this month by myself.  Baaaarely.  Of course, that will completely blow my savings, and it will take a while to build them back up again.  Grump.  I think I will make chili and live off of beans for a while.  On the bright side, that would give me a few more weeks to de-cat and I would actually have the house to myself for a bit.

I got another call from the alibi ad, but the person sounded really flaky and didn't even leave their name, so I didn't call back.  Who knows, maybe they were normal and responsible, but they just didn't sound like it.  After running in cirlces with that last flaky guy, I just didn't want to deal with that again.  I'll renew my craiglist ad and post on livejournal with a link, and I guess I should renew the alibi ad, too.  Sigh.  I actually got one normal person who was going to come look at the place, but after looking at a map she decided that it was too far from her work.  At least she had the decency to call me and let me know she wasn't coming, which means she probably would have beena responsible tenant.  Oh, well.

So, basically money is covered for Aug, although I would rather keep it in my savings, especially since the clutch in my car is getting closer and closer to the floor.  I really do need to take it in.  Cats are slowly going away a bit at a time.  Hopefully kittens will get adopted, since they're the smallest ones being shown at the moment.  I may have to resort to saying, no I dont' care how many cats you already have, you have to take them NOW and I can't keep them anymore.  It just sucks to do that because 2 other fosters just did that with super special needs cats and everyone is already frantically looking for foster homes for those two.  Current fosters are already overcatted, because the same thing always happens.  Add my 3 kittens into it...  I hate to do that, but I may have to.  Might try setting the trap for Zero.  Although he's no real bother and has stopped peeing in bad places now that he's fee and livin' large in the garage, I would like to get my numbers down before echoweaver's cats move in for a month of catsitting.  I would like to avoid having 7 cats (8 on the weekend + kittens would make 11 - AUUUGH! OK, maybe I am stressing a little bit after all...).  Plus 2 dogs.  Cripes, nobody is going to rent with me.

Sigh, now I'm kind of depressed.  Oh, well, I'll get over it.
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22 July 2008 @ 11:14 pm
I finished Silent Hill 2.  echoweaver and SB lent it to me AGES ago.  I'd play a bit, get distracted by Oblivion or anime and come back a month or 2 later, play more, etc.  You see the pattern.  It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the game - that just tends to be how I game unless something takes over my life like Oblivion or Lego Star Wars did.  Or Dragonquest VIII.  Or RESIDENT EVIL 4!!!  Man, that's the best game EVAR.  Y'know, I still have to finish Dragonquest VIII.  I've put in 100 hrs (literally - I shit you not) and I think I only have 8 hrs or so to go until the end.  THAT is a super fun game, but when they're that long, I tend to take long breaks in the middle.  Dang, I also have to finish Half Life.  The first one.  That game is SO HARD I pretty much gave up.  Not forever, though.  And echoweaver and SB lent me a bunch of games while they are on sabatical in Europe for a year.  We'll see if I can get at least one finished before they get back, ha!  I do admit, games are great for holing up in my bedroom with my headphones on when I'm not feeling social and want to pretend I'm the only person in the house.  Awww, yeah.

Anyway, I digress.  Silent Hill 2 was really fun and creepy.  I played it in the dark with headphones on.  I've had this discussion with echoweaver before, but I thought that Fatal Frame was scarier than Silent Hill 2, despite SH2's legendary "scariest game of all time" status.  We think it's due to whichever one you played first - Fatal Frame scared the crap out of me.  That stupid blind ghost...  shudder.  Both scary, but SH2 didn't leave me freaked - I just enjoyed it a lot.  FF was TOTALLY freaky.   Wheeee! 

I do admit that I hit the SH2 walkthrough a couple of times, but that's normal for me.  I would rather look something up if it takes me long that 20 minutes or so to figure out a puzzle.  Call me a cheater.  And by reading the walkthrough, I found out that there are no less than FIVE endings that you can trigger.  Wow!  I got the easiest one, which is the "Leave" ending.  I have a saved game near the end of the game, so maybe I'll try to get the other 4 just to see them.  Or maybe I'll move on to another game.  Or finally getting around to watching the last 3 episodes of Doctor Who.  I can NOT believe that I've waited this long to watch them.  I also finally got the last episode of a series I've been watching, and I think I only have 5 or 6 eps left ot watch.  And Kate told me about MI5 (known as Spooks in the UK) and I'm dying to watch it.  Netflix has it on their watch it now thing.  Drool.

Well, back to the SH2 walkthrough so I can spoil the various other endings for myself, heh, heh.

EDIT:  According to wikipedia, there are SIX endings.  2 of them are joke endings.  They are pretty damn funny.  There is also a Silen Hill 2 MOVIE int he works somewhere.  Yay!  I liked the movie.  Heckle me if you must.
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22 July 2008 @ 05:58 pm
Forgot to post the most interesting part of my day yesterday.  I drove through a flood!

So I'm driving around feeding cats and taking others to the vet for fixing.  On the way home, I wound up at Lomas and Carlisle right during our huge-ass monsoon rain of yesterday.  Nobody was using the right lane, and the water was so high that you couldn't even see the curb.  Wow!  The Washington stoplight was out, and one car was stranded in the middle lane, to boot, so traffic was slow as hell.  Everyone did fine and I didn't see any people having problems besides the stranded car, and my Outback had no issues with the water.  But it was cool!  And a flood!  My mom told me later that water even went into people's houses there.  A few streets further North and water in the streets was not much of an issue.  Hmmm, city needs to improve their drainage in that spot...
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A: Tiny pointy teethmarks in the chicken.  And a greasy kitten.

Yes, Astrid's loneliness was lessened by chicken blobs.  I knew she would be a pain, and I can't imagine what it would have been like with the boys here, too.  At least Vegeta, Kakarot, and Rosie are somewhat polite about it.  Kittens tend to dive right into your food.  Hell, she tried to run away with an entire leg bone that probably came in at 1/4 her weight.  So I would push her off the coffee table (I shredded the chicken in front of the TV - watched trashy reality shows and MTV's "Made") with my wrist or arm.  She still got greasy.  Later I went looking for her and she was totally sopping wet.  Dog slobber.  That's what you get for being all chicken-juicy, kitty!  Ha ha!

Naturally, I do give all of the cats little tidbits while I'm shredding, so it becomes a family activity.  Sadly I do not include the dogs because I don't want them to start begging.  I had to lock up Inuki because she disobeyed orders and stole some chicken blech from Astrid.  Bad dog!  Jack was good and even cleaned up the kitten afterwards.  And now the whole house smells really yummy.

The renter person never called.  I have another message on my machine, but it's too late to call now.  I'll see who it is in the morning.  I'll bring home Knut and Sven tomorrow and keep them for a few days to let them heal and then take them to Petsmart Wed or Thurs.  Probably Thurs.  Then get them again Friday.  Yeesh, maybe I should just wait until next week... but I don't want them to miss getting adopted, so I'll probably bring them Thursday so they at least have 2 days of being seen.  Kittens that age tend to do fine after getting fixed - it's the adults that have a hard time with it.  Poor things.

Ha ha ha, greasy kitten in my lap.  Adorable.  And now I have tons of chicken ready for anything, just waiting in my freezer, and a ton of chicken stock, too!  Woo!  Now I just need to go shopping for other things since I am totally out of food...
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21 July 2008 @ 01:42 pm
I supposedly have a 21 yr old girl coming to look at the room this afternoon.  Which means I have to clean.  Bleh.  Luckily things are still relatively clean from the last big clean and I just have to swipe some stuff down.  I really should mop the floors, but I don't think that's going to happen.  I'm crock-potting a whole chicken so I think the house will smell pretty good by the time they come over (theoretically, if they don't stand me up) at 3:30 or 4.

I have one less cat, at least for the moment.  I took Tammy over to Petsmart today.  Man, I always feel bad abandoning them and taking them out of their nice spacious home and stuffing them in a cage.  Suck-o-la.  Oh, well, they are having a real foster crisis at the moment, so I'll take her back on the weekends, so that will give her a few days of break, anyway.  And who knows, maybe she'll actually get adopted despite being cranky and bitchy at adoptions and being on an expensive prescription diet.  Bleh.

I've tried to call Vetco twice already to make an appointment for my boy kittens.  Dang, those guys are busy.  I'll have to try again here in a minute.

I am really tired.  I would love a nap.  I don't think I have time.  Grrr.  I also REALLY need to do some work today.  I have everything ready, I just have to do it.  But naaaap, naaaap....  Maybe after my meds kick in after about an hour.  I'm always tired and whiney when they wear off as they are doing now.  Plus I just do better int he evenings as a general rule.  I should really start screwing around during the day and working at night.  If there weren't annoying singing and loud conversations going on next to me... sigh.  One of these days I will be able to afford my house payment by myself and can have peace and quiet and all the foster cats I want.  Mope.

EDIT: On try #5 I was able to get through to Vetco.  They can do the boys tomorrow!!  Which means that I can drop them off tonight at 5 and pick them up tomorrow at 5.  Then they can go off for adoption!  Yay!  I'm sure Astrid will be lonely.  I'm housesitting tonight, so she won't even have me.  Best I can do is leave my bedroom door open so she can hang out with the other cats.  I hope she doesn't cry all night.  Kittens get lonely so easily...

Now I need to give them their shots, which I've been too lazy to do even though they've been in the fridge for like 2 weeks.
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19 July 2008 @ 10:04 pm

Damn you, Gundam 00, DAMN YOU TO HELL!!

Why do I do this to myself?

dulziandee and I finally were able to marathon the 2nd half of Gundam 00.  My god, it's an awesome show, especilally the 2nd half.  But just as dulziandee predicted - season 1 ended on the most god-awful monumental cliffhanger(s) EVAR.  And this show was not gentle with us.  No, not gentle at all. I'm not as traumatized as I was from D Gray Man or Trigun, but man - trauma.  TRAAAAUMA.  It made me cry.  Which I guess is not all that weird since I cry at everything I watch these days.  Yeesh.

Now we have to wait until OCTOBER for season 2.  And even then, it will dribble in one episode at a time.  SIGH.  It was so agonizing that I actually went and looked up spoilers.  Yes, the "don't spoil that teensy weensy bit because I'm a purist and all spoilers are evil even if you might not conisder it a spoiler!" girl went looking for spoilers.  It was THAT AGONIZING having everyone's fate unknown.  So now I've added the gundam00 community to livejournal.  There is all sorts of craziness on that community, and I love it!  Chibi version of characters dancing elaborate choreography in a high school setting, anyone?
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18 July 2008 @ 08:14 pm
After whining and bitching about how tired I was, I did fine shoveling and raking that 1/2 ton of gravel with my mom.  I still feel good, and even have enough energy for a shower (you'd be surprised how much energy a shower takes).  My abs and obliques really got a workout, which is good, because those are my weakest muscles, with the exception of my arms, which I can't do much about due to what the muscular crap is doing at the moment.  However, I CAN improve my abs, yay!

So I think we're done with the gravel.  We'll let it get rained on and walked on and driven on and see how it settles.  We may need to move some more over from by the gate (where there is plenty to spare), or it may be fine.  I still have some bare patches that I need to plastic, but I want to put bark on that, which is much easier to deal with than gravel.  I also have devil grass coming up right around the edges.  Sadly, my mother and I came to the same conclusion that we need to use week-killer.  Maybe we can torch it to death with the butane torch.  Maybe I can find an environmentally-friendly alternative to roundup, but my hopes are not high on that one.

I can't believe my white trash yard is almost gone!  It will still look pretty barren until my plants get big, but I can envision what it will look like.  It is going to look really nice.  Yay!
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18 July 2008 @ 06:44 pm
Did mixing the wormer in food work?  No.  Did putting it in pill pockets work?  Only the first time, and I had to break the doses up into several chunks to fit in the pockets, so multiple pill pockets needed for a full dose.  I knew I had to pill Tammy, and she was awful as always.  Kakarot actually ate most of his in the wet food and the last bit in a pill pocket.  Piggy.  I had to pill Vegeta, but he was easy.  I put the wormer in pill pockets for Arlene, but she didn't eat them, so I had to block off the garage so she couldn't escape, chase her down, and totally terrify her.  She was easy once I caught her and pilled very well.  I SHOULD have just pilled the kittens, but they are piggies and will eat their wet food/pill mix eventually, even if it tastes bad.  There is no way in hell I will ever be able to pill Zero or Rosie without being seriously bitten and scratched up, so they just don't get to eat until they break down and eat the probably-ill-tasting pill/food mixture.  Of COURSE Rosie had no interest in pill pockets.  Grump.  At least I now know they work on Kakarot.  I didn't try pill pockets on Zero - I think I have a better chance of him eating the food mixture, rather than taking  arisk of him eating the pockets around the pill and then spitting it out.  Being feral, he is used to eating what he can get, and I'm sure he'll eat that mess eventually.

End result - all but 2 definitely pilled.  Lots of wasted food/pill mixture down the drain.  Last 2 - just hope they are the ones to eat their food and get the right dose without other cats nibbling (HA, you might think, but I just caught Vegeta licking it) or eating both shares.  I tried to feed Arlene after her terror, but she wouldn't eat, so she might get into it too.  Sigh.  Hope for the best.
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18 July 2008 @ 12:14 pm
I'm in love with this webcomic:


Hell, anything with Godzilla in it is enough to make me giddy, and a whole comic that revolves around Godzilla?  Heaven.  Plus Mazinger Z makes lots of guest appearances, basically screwing around and drinking with Godzilla.  Awesome.

Ahhhhh, childish humor, where would the world be without you?
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17 July 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Unnnnng.  Too... much.. '70's... Super Robot... anime.  I lose brain cells with every episode of Mazinger Z.  Man, I love that stuff.  One of the robots blatantly ripped off Godzilla's voice.  Seriously.  Took the sample and used it.  Fabulous.  Also the subtitles are of the worst Engrish I've ever encountered.  Also fabulous.  You think having a Voltron marathon will melt your brain?  Oh, try Mazinger Z...  I love watching the Aphrodite S shoot missiles out of her breasts.  And what better name for a villain is there but Dr. Hell?  And who doesn't love a half-man half-woman "intersex" henchman (& woman?), as the subtitles put it?  Split right down the middle, yessiree.

I can only get through a few episodes at a time, but this stuff is great.  Yeesh, that anime is a year older than I am!  Wow!

Today my mom came over and helped me rake gravel.  We'll need to go get a half ton more, but it's cheap.  Soon the yard will be done!  I totally stepped on my new little desert willow that was doing so well and broke it in half.  Arg!  Oh, well, once those roots take hold they come back.  Resilient little suckers.

My mom was telling me that the gas in her 1985 truck keeps disappearing.  There doesn't seem to be a leak, so we think someone is siphoning it off.  Suck!  Do you know how much it costs to fill that sucker up?  I keep telling her to get a locking gas cap.  I mean, $35 or whatever is a lot cheaper than a tank of stolen gas.  What is the world coming to?  Stealing gas, yeesh.  Apparently there's been reports of other people getitng gas stolen, too.  Bastards.

Welp, I suppose I will go to bed and try to mend my brain.  I so love rotting it away, sitting and drooling at old foreign kids' cartoons...  I mean, hell, one captured henchman laughed maniacally while scampering up an electricity tower.  When he got to the top he grabbed the wires and commited suicide by electrocuting himself.  This was followed by a spectacular fall from a great height and a huge thud.  I'm sure that was cut out from the American "Tranzor Z" release.  And then later all of the kid's friends were captured and tied up on crosses.  Cruicified!  I would have been better if they'd used nails instead of rope, but oh well.  I'm sure that bit of accidental blasphemy was censored, as well.  Ha ha!  Love it!
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